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wendyDo you want to know the secret to successful online dating? Do you really want to know? A lot of guys ask me that question and almost all the time they are disappointed with the answer.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t give them an answer that is meant to insult them. I don’t give out an answer that is bullshit and doesn’t work. The answer that I give truly works because, hey, it worked for me. The problem is, it’s not the answer most guys are looking for.

So you have to understand that when it comes to online dating, most guys have the same attitude that they have regarding losing weight. When you talk to the typical fat guy about losing weight, his idea of weight loss involves him taking some sort of pill or using some sort of magical equipment and all the fat magically disappears. That’s the kind of thinking most people have regarding all sorts of problems in their lives.

Whether your problem involves your relationships, your job, how much money you have in the bank, your weight or your physical looks. It doesn’t matter. It’s the same attitude. People are always looking for the quick fix. People are always looking for a short cut.

Well, I’m telling you, the world doesn’t have a shortcut. The world rewards hard action and sacrifice in the here and now. In other words, it rewards self-discipline. Now, that’s the kind of answer that is going to scare guys like wouldn’t believe. It’s like scaring dogs off a moving pickup truck. But for you the reader I will make an exception and give you the golden tip that landed me tons of adult dates.. Find the right site, the one that works in your local area. For me that adult dating site was

Facts You Need to Learn About the History of Fuck Dates

darlene When people talk about fuck dates, it’s as if they’re talking about something that’s completely new. At the very least, if they were to dial back in history, they would go as far as the 1960’s. After all, the 1960’s brought about the sexual revolution, thanks to the invention of the modern contraceptive pill. Prior to that period, according to conventional wisdom, women did not fuck around because the threat of becoming pregnant is all too rampant. Thanks to the pill, women can enjoy the sexual aspect of their human nature.

Well, this is the conventional thinking and, unfortunately, it’s also not true. If you were to take a long hard look at history, fuck dates have actually been taking place all the way to the early recesses and early myths of prehistory. The reason why we’re even here as a species is because people are horny. It’s hard wired into their DNA. Men have been tasked with the monumental project of looking for pussy, finding it, fucking it, and moving on.

If this wasn’t the truth, then our population would probably pack a small mall. That’s it. There is something to be said about the human sex drive.

So, with that as our guiding principle, here are just some key historical facts about sex dating with!

Pagan Rituals Were Just Giant Massive Cluster Fuck Dates

Back in the Babylonian times, around the modern season of Easter, which is actually based on the word “Ishtar”, a pagan goddess, pagan priestesses would make themselves available to all of the city’s men. This was part of their religious duties as priestesses. People didn’t have hang ups with sex. In fact, sex was compulsory because the priestesses and priests felt that they had to encourage the townspeople to have sex so the town could grow in population. Sure enough, they were rewarded with a crop of kids nine months later. This was required to maintain a growing civilization and, of course, a massive agricultural economy.

Never underestimate the power of economic impulses in dictating the shape of our cultural choices and traditions. The two go hand in hand. In fact, the economic considerations are often the invisible drivers of cultural norms and customs.

The Enlightenment

Around the time of the late 1600’s and mid 1700’s, there was a flourishing of sexual exploration and curiosity. Part of this was due to the fact that the hold of Catholicism, and its tendency to fuck people’s mindset regarding sex, began to wane in certain parts of Europe. In fact, it’s quite ironic that the most sexually liberated part of Europe at that time was Catholic France.

This really should not be a surprise because the way Catholicism was practiced then, and probably still practiced now, is that there is a big disconnect between what people like the world to see and what people actually think about and privately do in their hidden spaces. Those hidden spaces might be in their minds or actual geographic spaces. This actually flows from Catholic theology that rewards good works as opposed to putting emphasis on God’s grace. That’s the big difference between Protestantism and Catholicism.

Well, this all came to a head, literally, and I hope you saw the pun with the enlightenment. The enlightenment actually was a tongue in cheek exploration of sexual liberation on the one hand, and scientific inquiry on the other. This was all packaged in a nice little glossy veneer of Catholicism in France. Of course, as you can probably tell, that experiment did not have a happy ending. In 1789 there was, of course, the bloody French revolution.

The Sexual Revolution

The sexual revolution actually began in the 1940’s. A lot of people think that the sexual revolution took place in America in the 1960’s. Well, that’s actually the flowering stage of the sexual revolution. If you were to look at the etiological incubation period, as well as key breakthroughs of sexual attitudes in America, it was in the 1940’s.

The 1940’s, after all, was the time where the Kinsey report was released. It catalogued real American attitudes and behavior towards sex. It was ground breaking because it paid attention to actual behavior, not what people said. There’s a lot of hypocrisy so, in most cases, the things that people actually do in the privacy of their own homes was very very different from what they publicly say.

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