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I don’t think anyone besides those in the employ of the porn industry has any issue with tube sites.

I mean I can very well understand that the tube sites take paying customers away from by offering free porn vids but if you take a closer look you will find that a ton of the vids tube sites offer are sample videos from other sites that are available for free in any case.

Yes there are many vids on there as well that are complete but those are more often than not the shittier ones you didn’t want to begin with and the good ones, well they are from good sites who have the resources to track these down and have them removed on legal rights. The tube sites are also vulnerable to those and will often remove such vids themselves.

Most importantly though, the vids you really want to see are incomplete and often cut before the best parts and that sucks, while on the membership site they are complete and just perhaps you deserve a little more than the rabble who will watch the crappy cut versions.

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